3 Year Anniversary of My Life-changing Event

3 years ago today I clicked the LAUNCH button on my first Kickstarter​ campaign to raise enough money to totally revamp my company Throwboy​ and take it to the next level. At the time I was still sewing, cutting fabric, glueing, stuffing, designing and marketing every order taken on Throwboy.com. With the help of my incredible family, my IRL friends, my online friends and the fans of my brand/products I was able to raise $24,038 surpassing my $20,000 goal. It was truly an amazing and emotional moment for me, and if you were part of it I'd like to thank you again. Since then it's been a really wonderful journey and I'm honestly thankful for it everyday. Pictured here was the day Seattle's KING 5​ Evening Magazine came to my apartment/sewing factory to interview me and shoot the launch of my campaign. I remember they were shocked and excited when I had raised a few hundred dollars in the first minute. ? 

- Roberto 

Original TV segment from 2013: 

My original Kickstarter video: 


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