2014: Our Biggest Year Ever!

Hi all!

Wow, 2014 has really been a tremendous year for Throwboy and myself as owner. This year started out with a bang as I had recently gotten my Kickstarter funded and our first batch of all-new Throwboy pillows arrived to my door. I decided to take a hacksaw to the product line on throwboy.com and go from a 1-2 person handmade pillow operation, to having everything factory-made overseas. It was never my goal to make every pillow myself but it took something like Kickstarter and our amazing fans to be able to take the company to the next level. 

January started off with me launching the new Throwboy.com, receiving our pillow shipment and fulfilling every order myself all day for weeks on end. I was shipping about 50 orders a day single-handedly back then and it was becoming very clear that I needed help. FAST. This coincided with my decision to move the company to St. Louis, MO where I hoped to drop living expenses to help grow the company. 

While I was still in Seattle, WA (where Throwboy was originally based) things were beginning to change very fast with the company. Suddenly I was receiving emails daily from retail stores wanting to carry our new pillows. This was just what I had wanted but I was surprised it was all happening within days of unpacking our first shipping container. I had to bump up my game very fast and get more familiar with wholesale and B2B fulfillment. At one point I remember receiving an out of state call to my cell phone, pulling my car over, answering with "Hello! Throwboy!" and ending up processing a bulk sale over the phone with my Square app on my iPhone. So yeah, things were changing. It wasn't going to be me sewing each pillow in my apartment anymore. It was going to be something completely different. And I was loving it. 

In April of 2014 I moved to St. Louis, MO the new home of Throwboy and myself. For the first time the company has a real office and a fulfillment center handling all the shipping. We recently partnered with a distributor to grow our brick and mortar retail presence and it's going incredibly well. And I was fortunate enough to hire my long-time collaborator Molly Williams as Throwboy's Content and Community Manager this September. She's becoming an integral part of the day-to-day operations and company roadmap. 

I could not be more excited for our plans for 2015. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves and are ready to rock 'n roll this January. For those reading this post that are old school fans of Throwboy or just getting into Throwboy, thank you so very much. It really means the world to me that you get us. You've made us what we are today and we do this all for you. I hope you have an fantastic 2015 and enjoy all the new Throwboys we have for you.


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