Toy Fair Photo Challenge!

Hey Throwboys and Throwgirls!

While Roberto and Justin were at Toy Fair, I was here taking over Throwboy! I gave them a photo challenge via Instagram and here are their results! Thanks to all of you who added more challenges in the comments!

 The challenge post

1. Take a selfie with Grumpy Cat

Nailed it! 

2. Reenact a scene from the Titanic


3. Form a human pyramid with a stranger

FAIL! It's almost like they didn't want to ask any of the suit-wearing professionals milling around to get down on the floor with them and do this. GOSH YOU GUYS. 

4. From Instagram user @hamstergirl16: Have a dance party with a stranger

Justin, you totally should have swiped a NERF gun while she was distracted! 

Here are some other fun pictures from Toy Fair:

What a crappy picture!

All smiles!

This picture will haunt my dreams. Eeek!

Yay! I give this challenge 8/10 poop emojis. What should our next photo challenge entail? Leave a comment or tweet @throwboy!


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