10 Reasons Throwboy Needs a Pony for the Office

Hey Throwboys and Throwgirls! It's Molly, taking over again! This time I'm on a campaign to get Throwboy to buy a pony for the office. Obviously. Here are my top 10 reasons to get an office pony:

Please enjoy my beautiful artwork.

1. They can be ridden to meetings. How impressive would that be? All three of us trotting in on a majestic pony, maybe with our logo painted on as a cutie mark.

2. A pony would provide free rides to Taco Bell! No more paying for gas to get there, just give the ponies the lettuce from our tacos that we weren’t going to eat anyway. Win-win!

3. Ponies are soft and happy like our pillows. Happiness you can hold? A pony is happiness that can hold you!

4. Little known fact: If you put a party hat on a pony’s head it becomes a unicorn that can grant wishes.

5. Ponies hardly ever eat people.

6. It’s what Lil’ Sebastian would have wanted (RIP Little Sebastian!).

7. The building has elevators for a reason: OFFICE PONIES.

8. We could start a pillow delivery service via pony!

9. Quadrupeds make great marketing consultants.

10. We know it will be quiet because it’s a little hoarse.

What are some other reasons we should get a pony for the office? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter or Facebook!

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  • i feel your pain

    my school needed a pony


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