The Pillow Fighters - A Weekly Web Comic


I just finished launching , the new home of the Pillow Fighters comic strip. The comic and site are something I've been working on in secrecy for the last few months and I'm super excited to finally kick things off! Please check it out and leave a comment there! You can also follow the comic on Tumblr:

The Pillow Fighters started off as an idea I had to make something new and cutesy for Throwboy that wasn't derived from something off the computer screen. The first incarnation was in the form of these handmade, bean bag plush toys filled with rice. I made them for Geek Girl Con 2012 held in Seattle, WA and they sold out immediately. Granted I only made 4 but I felt like I was onto something.

After the new and refined Pillow Fighter plush toys began selling, I wanted to create a backstory for them. I recruited the help of my friend and now Throwboy employee Molly Williams to help me write some stories for the PFs that I could then give to an artist to draw. I could never quite find what I was looking for art-wise back then and the comic was shelved for about a year. Fast forward to now and I am doing both the writing and the artwork myself. I'm having a blast and learning a ton from my friend Denis Caron, an awesome web comic artist and designer. Well, enough about history because there's a LOT more in-store for the Pillow Fighters and this is just the start!

I hope you enjoy the strip each week! 

- Roberto 

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