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7 Reasons Why Your Next Pillow Should Be A Throwboy Pillow

1. Ultra Soft and High Quality.

Throwboy pillow soft feeling fabric


The fabric they use is magical. It feels like a mixture of fine cotton and clouds. I mean I'm sure these guys have really perfected their soft pillow game since they started back in 2007. Plus with that amazing quality pillow, Throwboy gives you free shipping in the US and 30 day returns. Who can argue with that am I right? 

View the Throwboy Shop here


2. Celebrities love them!

Lily Allen holding a Throwboy Poop Emoji Pillow

(Lily Allen's poop-eating grin via her Instagram)


From NBA All-Star Anthony Davis to Josh Groban to DJ Premier; Stars at the top of their game have been seen rocking one of these sweet, sweet pillows. I mean that face on Lily Allen says it all right?! 

View the Poop Emoji Pillow


3. Don't just hold them, hang them!

Wall hanging Throwboy pillows

(apartmentchic via Instagram)


Did you know that these fluffy charms aren't just for couches, beds and your arms but also for your WALL? Crazy right?! Flip them around and you'll find that the label was designed to double as a wall hanger. Now talk about a cool way to brighten up your room!

View the wall hangable pillows here


4. It will make your friends jealous.

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


These pillows are super on trend. Just look at what we all are using on our phones every day – Emojis! You can't get on YouTube or scroll Instagram without bumping into one of these pillows. So until they can create GIF pillows we've got these and that's alright with us! 

View Emoji Pillows collection here


5. More than just Emoji Pillows!

Anthony Davis holding Throwboy OMG Chat Pillow

(Anthony Davis OMGing via Red Bull Twitter)


Ok sure most of us know about Throwboy doing the original Emoji Pillows but if you browse around their shop you'll find all sorts of cool plush. The Chat Pillows for example are these super cute and brightly colored speech balloons with text abbreviations like LOL, OMG, WTF. They even have collaborations with brands like Pepsi, MooshWalks and even The Three Stooges!

View OMG Chat Pillow here


6. Cute as a button!

Pillow Fighters by Throwboy. Qwerty, Jimothy and Bimmy.

(Left to right: Qwerty, Jimothy and Bimmy)


Yes, true they have literal BUTTON pillows, meaning social media buttons like the Subscribe Button Pillow from YouTube (will this up my subscriber count??), Follow Button Pillow for Twitter, Like Button Pillow for Facebook etc. But they also have their own super cute original characters (as plush toys) Bimmy, Qwerty and Jimothy aka the Pillow Fighters! Who could resist those little faces??

View the Pillow Fighters collection here


7. Chic and Unique.

Throwboy pillow in home by designandhappiness on Instagram

(designandhappiness via Instagram)


Show off your personality without compromising your style. Bottom line, Throwboy pillows aren't just for kids. We're talking premium quality, well designed throw pillows that really make your space pop and let you express yourself. So there's no need to dust off some cheaply made pillow from the bargain bin and hope it fits into your cool pad. No, you ain't about that life. But never fear because Throwboy is there to let you level up your living room.

View the Hearts Emoji Pillow here

Do you have a favorite Throwboy pillow or have your eye on one? Leave a comment below!

Ok but seriously will my Subscribers on YouTube go up if I flash that Subscribe Button Pillow? I'm just saying it seems to be a thing with big YouTubers. 

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