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10 Reasons Throwboy Needs a Pony for the Office

Posted by Molly Williams on

Hey Throwboys and Throwgirls! It's Molly, taking over again! This time I'm on a campaign to get Throwboy to buy a pony for the office. Obviously. Here are my top 10 reasons to get an office pony: Please enjoy my beautiful artwork. 1. They can be ridden to meetings. How impressive would that be? All three of us trotting in on a majestic pony, maybe with our logo painted on as a cutie mark. 2. A pony would provide free rides to Taco Bell! No more paying for gas to get there, just give the ponies the lettuce from our tacos that...

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2014: Our Biggest Year Ever!

Posted by Roberto Hoyos on

Hi all! Wow, 2014 has really been a tremendous year for Throwboy and myself as owner. This year started out with a bang as I had recently gotten my Kickstarter funded and our first batch of all-new Throwboy pillows arrived to my door. I decided to take a hacksaw to the product line on and go from a 1-2 person handmade pillow operation, to having everything factory-made overseas. It was never my goal to make every pillow myself but it took something like Kickstarter and our amazing fans to be able to take the company to the next level.  January started...

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