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The Throwboy Show - Episode 2 - Pin Pirates

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And we're back! In this episode Roberto discusses a new YouTube trend of channels live streaming popular TV shows, we hear his thoughts on the explosion of enamel pin designs and if copyrights matter anymore, and we get a little motivational kick from a lesser known Steve Jobs quote. Enjoy!

Host: Roberto Hoyos
Release Date: June 19, 2017

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  • Agree that “meme culture” has definitely contributed to not caring about copyrights.
    I wonder if the message behind Apple and all these companies encouraging us to or making it so easy to “use someone else’s photos” has anything to do with the other idea of “what you post online no longer belongs to you so deal with it. You use other people’s content so why shouldn’t they use yours, you hypocrite?!” lol

    Ana C.

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