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Throwboy Reacts to WWDC 2017 Live

My live reaction to the announcements Apple's WWDC 2017 keynote. What did you think of the products? I am excited for iOS 11 on the iPad Pro. I think it fits into my workflow already because I do a lot of my artwork (Pillow Fighters) and photo editing for new products on the iPad Air 2. Having a file system is very interesting and I believe it was the missing piece to making it a computer replacement. I'm confused about the iMac Pro however. It presents the same issues that the Mac Pro had where you can't upgrade it internally. It seems more like a sports car version of an iMac. I'm curious to see what types of professionals buy that as their main work computer. The HomePod was meh to me personally. I predicted it would be a huge form factor because Apple tends to take audio fidelity seriously (iPod HiFi haha). I don't think I need one but if you're in the market for a premium smart speaker it's probably a good fit. Too bad Siri is still in last place for voice AI. Although I did like when Apple said they are taking privacy seriously with the always-on Siri tech because it sends anonymous data back to Apple when it searches. Everything else I didn't really care much for but boy was there a lot! Here is my live reaction to the full event. ~Roberto

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