The Icon Pillow Collection 2 - Celebrating 10 years of Throwboy

The Icon Pillow Collection 2 by Throwboy

The Icon Pillow Collection 2

Hello Throwmies,

I have a very special announcement today. 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the launch of the Throwboy website! Man, time really does fly when you're having fun. In 2008 the website launched selling a 6 pillow set called The Icon Pillow Collection. The Icon Pillow Collection not only ignited the Throwboy company and brand, but also lead to follow up pillows such as social media icons, the original Emoji Pillows, co-branded collaborations and more. Indeed, it's been a life-changing ride with incredible supporters like you and I thank you for making this all possible.

In honor of our 10 years online, I've decided to roll up my sleeves (quite literally) and make some pillows just like the good 'ol days. Introducing: The Icon Pillow Collection 2. This limited run of pillows will be completely made by yours truly — a true throwBACK to how things all got started. You read that right, each pillow in this 7 piece collection will be hand-cut, sewn and stuffed by me alone. The Icon Pillow Collection 2 will only be available for limited time so get yours while you can! The pillows feature the classic Throwboy straight-stitch appliqué and have a new softer fabric with brighter colors. The icons celebrate our nerdy roots but bring an updated twist with designs inspired by the technology we all use today. 

Thank you again for your ongoing love and support. I hope you love these pillows as much as I love making them. And look out for more surprises this year to commemorate our 10 YEARS!

Roberto Hoyos, Founder & CEO


$39 each or $249 for the set. Click here to shop: The Icon Pillow Collection 2

Roberto Hoyos sewing
Roberto Hoyos measuring fabric
Roberto Hoyos cutting fabric
Sewing a pillow Throwboy
Roberto Hoyos cutting fabric

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Where it all started

Throwboy website in 2008