The Iconic Pillow Collection - Now on Kickstarter


Remember your first computer? Your first time using a GUI? Your first glimpse of that candy-colored desktop? Your first MP3 player? Your first smartphone? No matter what age you are, one of these things has impacted your life in some way. And to think, they all came from the same beloved company!  These devices let us realize our creative potential, connected us to each other to form meaningful relationships and of course... Changed. Our. World. At Throwboy we chose to pay tribute to these 5 iconic and important products that shaped our favorite technology company. Introducing... The Iconic Pillow Collection. A cuddly tribute to the tech that changed our lives.

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What is the Iconic Pillow Collection? 

5 throw pillows inspired by 5 iconic, game-changing products of the technology world. Each pillow takes you through a different era in the computer revolution and celebrates the memories we made during these times. Made of super soft, high quality plush material, these 3D pillows feature fine embroidery, smooth contours and artisan style craftsmanship. This 5 pillow set celebrates the iconic hardware, mold-breaking design and historical significance of 5 beloved products. Help us bring this collection to life and own a piece of tech history in the form of these premium quality, designer plush throw pillows that are waiting to brighten up your home.

Why these 5 designs?

Though there have been many important products that have contributed to a shift in computing and culture, we felt that these 5 were the "home runs" in history. Each design was released under the most prolific co-founder/CEO of our time, and each played an integral role of shaping the company we know today. They pushed the computer and electronics industry forward into new and uncharted places.

Backer Rewards

Back this project and pick any of the 5 Iconic Pillows: 1977 Pillow, 1984 Pillow, 1998 Pillow, 2001 Pillow and 2007 Pillow. Choose from 1 to all 5! Each is available now at an unbeatable KS special.

High Quality Craftsmanship

When it comes to any Throwboy pillow, quality always comes first. With The Iconic Pillow Collection we feel that we've raised our premium quality to a new level. Each pillow is made of ultra-soft 100% vegan fine grain plush. All details are achieved using precision embroidery rather than low-grade printing techniques. These 5 designs have been revised to perfection to represent the 5 beloved products of where they took inspiration. Additionally each pillow features woven and silk screen labels, plus a sturdy hang tag with debossed letterpress text.


  • 3D design
  • Ultra soft plush material
  • Poly fiber filling
  • Satin stitch embroidery detail
  • Measures approximately 13in x 5in x 13in (33cm x 13cm x 33cm)
  • Weighs approximately 1lb 
  • Silk screen label on back
  • Woven label on side
  • Premium quality and craftsmanship
  • Limited edition

The Process

Through months of drawings and prototypes, from the sketch pad to the sewing table we meticulously designed each pillow to incorporate the spirit of 5 world-changing products. With the Iconic Pillow Collection we raised our quality standards to a new level to make something wonderful for your home.


Throwboy began 10 years ago with a vision of making a new kind of pillow that let people express the things they love. Beginning with our Icon Pillow Collection, a decade later that mission remains as we've grown to create pillows and products for all passions. For our 10 year anniversary we wanted to get back to our roots and celebrate the tech community that embraced us and made Throwboy possible. The Iconic Pillow Collection is without question our finest work to date and each can be enjoyed as a cuddly pal, a home decor conversation piece, a collector's item or all of the above.

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