That Thing You Made - Podcast

That Thing You Made is a weekly podcast about art, products and making art into products.

Hey Throwmies! 

I'm excited to announce here that I have a new podcast called That Thing You Made. In this weekly show, my friend Denis Caron of Corvink and I cover the world of making art into products. This simple premise spans a wide range of topics from movies, comic books, product design, packaging and anything that a creator made to then sell to the world.


On Episode 10 we talked all about the Throwboy Kickstarter — The Iconic Pillow Collection! Denis and I discuss our past experiences with our multiple successful campaigns, and I explain how I prepared for my current Kickstarter project. You can listen to the full show right here. 

That Thing You Made is released every Tuesday and can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spreaker, Spotify and

- Roberto


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