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Retiring My "Best Idea" - Emoji Pillows (Roberto Hoyos Speaks at Ignite Seattle)

This story is about letting go of your "best idea" and trusting in your own creativity. My story highlights the struggle of creating something out of love that gets bigger than you imagined, getting the idea stolen, trying and failing at standing out, and ultimately killing the product while learning that every creative person's greatest asset is their own creative mind.

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$78,532 in 30 Days on Kickstarter! + Roberto's How-To eBook

That’s a wrap! After an incredible 30 day crowdfunding campaign the grand total raised was $78,532 (of a $10,000 goal funded in 2 hours) with 788 backers. I am beyond thrilled with the outcome and for all the love and support of the Throwboy fans on this special project.

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