mosaic photo of 9 historic images of Throwboy's history (from left to right): The first icon pillow collection, Roberto sewing, the original Throwboy factory, iCEO, hand drawn Throwboy logos, couch full of pillows, Grandma looking at pillows in store, Pillow Fighter vinyl toy, Roberto holding Pillow Fighters


The Throwboy brand is synonymous with unique, chic, high-end throw pillows made for self expression. Started in 2007 as a one-man pillow factory in Seattle Washington USA, we became the home decor staple among the internet savvy with our trendy product line and high quality craftsmanship. The idea for Throwboy formed after Roberto Hoyos hand-sewed 7 pillows shaped like computer icons as a gift for his girlfriend. When photos of the pillows went viral online causing Hoyos' website to crash, a business opportunity was born. With a built-in audience, Throwboy took off and went on to define a new kind of throw pillow.

"Like a little jewel for your home."


We built upon the original idea and continued to introduce more pillows inspired by digital lifestyle including the first Emoji Pillows. From there we expanded into multimedia with our Pillow Fighters brand that includes apps, comics, stuffed figures and more. We now collaborate with select top brands for special edition Throwboy pillows and Pillow Fighters, while infusing our signature style into each collection.

"Creators of the original Emoji Pillows."


Today, Throwboy is available through our exclusive global distribution partners and through our own online store. The sewing and designing traditions Hoyos' learned from his grandmother remain the foundation of the company as shown in our inspiring and carefully crafted products.

"Quality, craftsmanship and creativity in every pillow since 2007."